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Elkhorn Chiropractic Reviews

My Faith Chiropractic Was Restored

This was my first chiropractor experience in over 10 years after a previous bad experience. After 30 minutes with Dr Kelley and his staff, my faith in chiropractic treatments was restored. They quickly diagnosed my pain, explained the issue and proposed procedure in medical and non-medical terms, and provided a treatment action plan. Still early in my recovery, but am very satisfied at this point.
- Rob M.

I Was Truly Blown Away

I was truly blown away by the attentiveness, professionalism, and down to earth approach by Dr. Kelly and Tammi. They both came highly recommended and well spoken about and lived up to their reputation.
- Dustin A.

Highly Recommend

For a first-timer, I was very impressed!!! The doctor and Tammi were very helpful and informative, they took the time to explain things in detail. The doctor came HIGHLY recommended, we can see why. Very nice people to work with and reassuring.
- Marilyn G.

On the Road to Recovery

I called Dr. Kelly as I had been in pain for days. He was able to fit me and made me a priority even over the holidays! Fearing the worse Dr. Kelly and his staff took time with me and figured out what was going on. They explained things in simple terms and I am now set for treatment on the road to recovery! Thank you.
- Hailee A.

Feel Welcomed and Answered All My Questions

Dr. Kelly and Tammi immediately made me feel welcomed. Their warm smiles and greetings relaxed me right away. Dr. Kelly explained everything to me and answered all my questions. I knew I was in good healing hands.
- Nancy B.

Changed My Perception of Chiropractic

Karen here: The visit was a great experience. After a bad experience long ago, Phill was dead set against Chiropractic. Dr. Kelley was so helpful in explaining everything to Phill and included me in his explanation of diagnosis and treatment. Phill just kept saying all afternoon, “He didn’t hurt me!” LOL, he expected to be hurt. Dr. Kelley changed his perception of Chiropractic care.
- Karen & Phill F.

Incredibly Knowledgeable

I have complete confidence with Dr Kelley and his office manager, Tami. They saw me the day that I called and were extremely helpful and incredibly knowledgeable. I will continue to see Dr Kelley and will share his name with all my family and friends.
- Sandy B.

Absolutely Wonderful Experience

It was AWESOME! Dr. Kelley get a wonderful job and I felt better immediately. And after following his instructions and doing the exercises the pain became better and better and is almost totally gone. Absolutely wonderful experience and I would recommend Dr. Kelley (and his pretty office manager) to everyone.
- Paula M.

Feeling Much Better

I was in so much pain, and seeing my X-ray and how I could work to turn thing around made me feel so much better. Thank you for seeing me right away. I appreciate that you also place value on physicians, physical therapy and that all disciplines can work to make me feel better. After my third visit, feeling much better each time, I know I made the right choice in accepting the referral to your office.

- Veronica D.

Office Felt Like Home

I am always anxious about going to a new place/doctor. The office felt like home, so instantly my anxiety decreased. Tami was super friendly and put me right at ease from the moment I stepped foot in the door. Dr. Kelley was very knowledgeable and friendly. I am very glad for the referral

- Danyel A.

I felt Welcomed, Heard and Not Rushed

Amazing that I show up on the wrong day for a first appointment and you made it work. Not only that, but despite obviously having to adjust your schedule, I felt welcomed, heard and not rushed through the appointment at all. I am looking forward to my return visit and optimistic about fixing my back and neck issues. Thank you!

- Sarah S.

Felt at Ease

You guys are so friendly and down to earth! I instantly felt at ease for what was my first visit to a chiropractor. It went so well!

- Ann M.

Very Informative

Dr. Kelly was very informative for me. I got more information regarding my back pains. Very kind person glad I found him. Will hope to get better. Thank You so much!

- Carol P.

Great First Experience

Dr. Kelley was great at asking questions first before anything was done. After getting X-rays he explained and was able to show me the issues I was having in a way that I could understand. It was a great first experience and I would definitely recommend his services.

- Eric W.

Really Enjoyed My Visit

Dr. Kelley was very informative in explaining things to me . He seemed to really care about me as a person and not just as a patient. He also was a good listener which is important to me. I really enjoyed my visit with Dr. Kelley and felt positive results after my first visit.
- Michael M.

So Happy With Adjustment On Foot And Hip

So happy with the adjustment on foot and hip. He is knowledgeable and enjoyed our conversation, and being proactive by showing how to stretch out problem areas.
- Lynn H.

Compassionate Amazing People!

They are both sincerely compassionate amazing people! They have helped many people that I know and I’ve never heard a foul word concerning thus office. I’m so appreciative to have such a great team helping me to be better.
- Tamara R.

Reassured Me

I love the way Dr. Kurt took time to explain everything and his gentle and calm demeanor. I also love that he addressed stereotypes head on and reassured me and calmed any fears or concerns I had, since this was my first chiropractic experience. The staff knew everyone that walked in the door by name, creating an atmosphere of comfort and hominess. I’ve already referred Dr. Kelley to two people and won’t hesitate to send more his way!
- Jessica S.

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